Our Story

We met at work. Billy repeatedly asked Ang out until she finally gave in to fate. And here we are today, building our own company together. We can honestly say that we love what we do...whether it's helping companies grow their business or capturing personal moments in people's lives. We live in Connecticut and have a wonderful daughter, Taylyn, who you may see helping out on set from time to time. When we're not behind the camera, you can find us hanging out at the beach, surfing with our two rescue dogs, Cain and Nike.

Our Clients


Thank you so much for your professional, respectful, kind way of holding the space. I really appreciated how you drew out the genuine statements of the students, and how you function on "little cat feet" so the videography was unobtrusive to the group. It's a rare thing.

- Hari Kirin Kaur, Director, Yoga at the Ashram